9 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi

The Wall

Die flagge basiert auf dem humanistischen grundgedanken von frieden und einheit aller volker. Sie ist eine auseinandersetzung mit dem erbe aller deutschen generationen nach dem 2. weltkrieg.

The flag is based on the basic humanistic thoughts of peace and unity of all people. It is a confrontation with the German heritage of all generations after the 2nd World War.

Berlin Wall - The East-Side Gallery was created in 1990, during the first year after Berlin Wall’s collapse. Hundreds of artists from all over the world came to Berlin, and covered some 1300 meters of the remains of November 1989 events, with 106 stunning wall-paintings, most in a graffiti-like style. The paintings are said to reflect the artists’ thoughts and vision about the new era of peace in unified Berlin.

09 November, 1989 was the date of the Berlin Wall's Fall.. It changed a lot in Europe's/World's History, opened a new era regarding to economical, sociological and political consequences. Today was the 20th anniversary of the fall. Although some part of the world celebrates dramatically the anniversary of the fall, there still exists other shames of humanity called THE WALL.

Banksy graffities on Israeli West Bank barrier..

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